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Thursday, September 28, 2006

When it rains, it floods.

Often I've heard the saying that "when it rains, it pours." This week is a testament to that old prophecy of troubles showering down all at once.

I'm not lucky when it comes to vehicles. I got into a wreck... and for the first time it was my fault. I was driving home in 6 o'clock traffic and I looked over my shoulder to see if I could change lanes and when I turned back around, the car in front of me had come to a stop. I slammed on my brakes, but it was too late. For that one second before I crashed, I knew it was coming and everything really did seem to slow down for just that second. Then, with a sound of crumpling metal, the car came to an abrupt stop. I'm not really hurt, other than a sore neck.. and the woman in front of me wasn't injured either. Her car didn't seem to have too much damage, but you never know. I always tend to underestimate the cost of damage to my vehicle.

I don't think dying in a crash would be the most terrible way to die. It is so sudden, so abrupt that you don't even have time to think. Some people say that they see their lives flash before their eyes when they die, but I don't believe it if they die in a car crash. It is too rushed, too sudden. My mind wasn't even on life or death... it was only on trying to press the brakes down as hard as possible.

I wrote down my information for the woman I crashed into and we're going to try to pay her directly rather than go through insurance. If my insurance jumps up too high, I don't know if I'll ever be able to drive again.

One of the more interesting parts of this little story was the drive HOME from the wreck. I didn't want to wait until the police came, for my own selfish reasons. I can't deal with a ticket. I can't. My nerves are shot. Anyways, the front end of my car scarily resembled an accordian and as I drove down the busy road, I could feel every set of eyes following me. I had to sit on one of my feet and crane my neck just to see over the hood of the car. Unsafe, yes... but it couldn't really get any worse.

It was just the icing on the cake after a bad school day. Every school has policies that make no sense, including mine. In order to make sure students make it to class on time, the school has begun a lock-out policty, stating that right when the bell rings, the teacher will lock the door and anyone not in the classroom will have to go down to the office and get a slip letting them go to class and assigning them detention. Well, lucky me, between 1st and 2nd period I have to travel from the third floor out to the trailers. Right when I stepped onto the platform, the bell rung and I thought I was safe, I was practically there. When I reached the top of the platform, the door hadn't even shut after the last person had stepped into the room, but my teacher refused to let me enter.

I went to the office, waited 15 minutes to get my slip, and luckily only got a warning since it was my first time. I don't DO detention. I looked over the slip and it looks pretty photocopiable to me. I'm going to photocopy it and next time I'll have nothing to worry about. I don't LIKE to cheat... but some situations as lame as this one calls for it.

Oh.. and I told you that the troubles just keep coming right? Well yesterday my mom had to drive me to my vocal lessons which are about 30 minutes from home because, well, accordion cars aren't very highway safe. I got out of my lesson and waited for her for about ten minutes. When I called her.. she somehow ended up lost and confused 45 minutes away near the airport. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? So I sat there and finally an hour after my lessons, my ride arrived. The other bad thing? I was supposed to babysit at 6... and mom didn't even pick me up up until 5:55 and we had a 30 minute drive. I called the family i was babysitting for and they were fine with it.. but i'm not. I was stressed and I felt SO irresponsible.

The one thing I don't want is for adults to consider me an irresponsible teenager. I work hard to try to appear mature and professional. Lately, it hasn't seemed so.

I took school off today. I couldn't keep going. I didn't get home until 11 last night and i still had 2 hours of homework left and I just couldn't do it.
This is what I like to call a nervous breakdown.

I'm getting a massage in a few hours. My neck and shoulders are killing me.
Lets hope this rain lets up and there is some sun.
If anything else happens... i don't know if I can handle it.

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