Word Play: Shattered

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I don't understand vandalism.

Actually, more accurately, it scares the hell out of me when I'm the target of vandalism.

Gather 'round children, because it's our favorite time of day... STORY TIME:

Yesterday morning, I was running a bit late for school (I'm so lethargic in the mornings that it takes me hours to look decent.. or even alive) so I rushed out to my car which is parked on the street because there is no room in my driveway... and we don't have a garage. Who doesn't have a garage? Thats the real question. Well as I threw my books in the passenger seat, I noticed that my windshield didn't look quite right. Actually... it looked quite shattered. Veins of glass trailed from a single spot, where my car was obviously attacked.

I was shaken, to say the least. Who would do this to my car? Not many people know me here, no one has a reason to hurt me or my property. Maybe I have a stalker who is watching me right now, ready to pounce on me and drag me to his lair where I will never see the light of day. These thoughts crossed my mind, of course, but I decided to take a chance and run back inside the house. It isn't a good impression to be late on the third day of school so I figured I had better find some way to get to that institution of higher learning. I woke up my mom and she agreed to drive me.

As we went down the street, I noticed that every other car parked along it had windows resembling mine-- fractured and cracked to the point where you couldn't see through it. I must say that this gave me some peace of mind. My stalker theory flew out the window, it was just ignorant kids with a baseball bat and too much time on thier hands.

So my car is still sitting outside, still undrivable. Luckily the window repair man comes tomorrow. The downside? Hurricane Ernesto is rolling in, bringing in inches upon inches of rainfall.
Cracked windows=leaks.
Leaks=ruined apolstery.
And insurance won't pay for anything under $500. My window was $250... which is money I certainly don't have. This is when I call upon my dear parents for help. Sometimes I'm glad to be a minor just for that reason.

So if you see any wild stalkers carrying around baseball bats, let me know. I want to make him pay for his actions.

P.S. I'm experiencing my first hurricane. Idaho didn't have weather. this is crazy! The thunder is so loud!

Yikes, that sucks about your windshield....what kinda car do you own? when i was 16 i got my moms hand me down chevy chevette,,,,,,,,,yuck......well good luck to ya......i bookmarked your blog, and will bop in from time to time to see if you have anymore new advetures...lol....good luck


sounds like my kinda town. You should come to Warrington. A baseball bat would be a luxury.

Sorry to hear about your car. Thank sucks.

I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't know about you but I'm ULTRA POSSESSIVE about my car so that'd make me pretty mad...

And for the record I don't have a garage either.

Hope you're enjoying your *cugh* higher learning *cough* :P

Ive seen that happen in a couple of different places here. Its definitely a huge kick in the ass, too think that people get off on just damaging stuff.

Come back soon Whit, dont let the 'blog graveyard' take over your KILLER blog. You have one of the most enjoyable blogs ive ever read. Hope to see you back here soon.


-Why would not Marianne come?

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