Word Play: Migraine.

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Every sound peirces in my ears and the light from the computer is blinding. Each nerve in my brain is pulsing, mimicking my heart beat. I've knocked back four Advil Liqui-gels in the past hour but this migraine won't go away.

I had plans. I was going to spend my evening going for a nice power walk up to Whole Foods to grab some dinner then I would promptly walk home (its 5 miles, so its a VERY good walk) and lay on the couch in front of the tv. Well I've accomplished a small section of my plan, I have managed to lie around a bit. As for the walk? Well there's always tomorrow... or the next day.

In colonial times, doctors suspected that migraines were caused by demons who entered your head. The only cure was to drill a hole into your skull in order to release the spirits. Of course this drill was probably also used to drill into other heads and was certainly unwashed, as are the doctor's hands. I'm increasingly glad that I live in the 21st century where advil has replaced drills... seeing as I'd probably have ten holes drilled in my head by this time and I'd either be a dribbling lunatic or already buried six feet under the earth.

Oh modern medicine, how I love thee. Excuse me while I go raid the medicine cabinet for some Lunesta or another similar drug that will put me in the fast lane to a deep slumber. I can see how prescription drugs are Americans' secret addiction.

I used to suffer from migraines a lot and very badily. They seem to run in my family. They would last all day and I would get every symptom. I was unable to see, I got the headache, the numbness in body parts, feeling sick, being delirious, randomly changing body temperature, everything. Since moving to another country I get them less which could be down to a change in diet, habits, surroundings or maybe the migraine demons have not been able to find me again.

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