Word Play: Hi mom. hi dad.

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Hi mom. hi dad.

I have two additional readers that have failed to leave comments that I feel deserve some recognition. Their names?
Meet mom and dad.

I've heard that blogs can get you in trouble with your boss and I guess in my case my bosses are my dear parents. Every teenager goes through the parents snooping through their journal, I guess it makes it all the easier when my journal is posted on the world wide web for all to see.

So now that I know about this breach of privacy, mom and dad feel free to leave a few comments and let me know how you feel about my thoughts. Perhaps in the future I should learn to type wisely. Details about my life should not be posted on the internet. I should begin to censor my blogs.

I just wanted to say thanks mom and dad for reading my blog and let me know when you drop by. I'd love to hear your opinions.


P.S. A word of advice to other bloggers: If you ever lie to mom and pop, make sure not to post the truth anywhere on the internet. the end.

hi mom and dad.

Hello Mr and Mrs Whitney! (When my Mum volunteered in my preschool class the other kids called her Mrs R :P)

It's a weird feeling, isn't it? I did a newspaper interview about blogging and all of a sudden people I knew (and ones I had blogged about) found it and started to read what I'd written. It took me a while to realise that I blog for me, not for anyone else, and that I shouldn't let myself be phased.

From the impression I get of you your parents don't have anything to worry about with a child like you. But maybe blog consistently with 'the truth' in the future ;)

Hi Whitney's mum and dad.

My parents read my blog but that was only because I gave them the address. I put a few things on there that I maybe did not want them reading about but they were fine with it.

good advice...i don't think my mom even knows i keep a blog!

relax and enjoy

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