Word Play: Mom-Rock and Invites

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Mom-Rock and Invites

I have to be reading something when I eat. I don't really care WHAT it is... as long as I'm reading.

So last night, I was eating a bowl of cereal and I grabbed the closest magazine, GQ. As I'm sitting there reading the Gentleman's Quarterly, I came across an interesting article. The article was titled Mom-Rock.

Mothers of past generations stuck to listening to the music that they listened to as teens. Modern day moms, on the other hand, are listening to modern day music.

The top "mom-rock" artists? James Blunt, Teddy Geiger, Daniel Powter, and John Mayer.
My mother has all of these CDs.

Now is it strange that my mother and I enjoy the same type of music? My mom always thought she was strange. She felt slightly like a pedophile while purchasing 17-year-old Teddy Geiger's CD. But no. She is perfectly normal. In fact, she is the all-American mom just for listening to this music.

I just found it odd.

On other subjects, here is a picture of an invite to my Going-Away Party:

I spent two hours delivering these yesterday before realizing that we didn't even put a date for the party on them. Needless to say, we felt pretty stupid.

IF we can get in touch with everyone to tell them when the party is, I think it will be a pretty nice one.

We are having a huge picnic at a nearby park and then coming back to my house to go swimming and watch JAWS on the projector screen. Hopefully it goes well.

After a couple nights of good sleep, i'm getting out of my little depression. Thanks for the kind comments though!

Question of the Day:
What is the stupidest thing you've ever done? wow... thats a broad one. Go at it, kids.


You seem pretty cool for a human.

Sound like it is going to be a fun party.

Most stupid thing I have ever done? It would have to be this: http://invading-holland.blogspot.com/2006/06/long-way-home.html

Mmm cereal. You know I love posts where you talk about your cereal addiction.

Reading your blog! haha ; - )

Just joking !

Cheers, Rohit

I've done too many stupid things to list. LOL

Now a sincere answer!

For me, not being in the moment is stupid. So, try my best to remain in the moment with totality.

in no particular order:

set fire to my bedroom
jumped off a balcony and almost broke my back
drank my own urine

There are many many more. Balcony probably tops it. couldn't walk for a month.

Keep up the good work » »

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