Word Play: Late trucks, and the Non-Party Kid

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Late trucks, and the Non-Party Kid


After weeks upon weeks of this laptop denyin me access to my dear blog, a miracle has occurred... and here I am!

These past few weeks have been busy to say the least. I trekked five days across country and it is a miracle how much it hurts just to sit and drive a car. My shoulders were KILLING me. Not just the slight shoulder pain that you can shrug off (get it? shrug? okay... not funny, i know) but more of a ten-thousand-knives-are-lodged-in-my-back kind of pain. When we finally got to Raleigh, ALL of the hotel rooms were full (okay, there was a room at the Motel 8... but i said HOTELS and I would rather stay in my room rather than be infested by bed bugs in a seedy motel). We tried to call our family members but no one would answer. I think they were screening our calls because no one wants surprise overnight guests even if they're family. Finally there was a cancellation at the Radisson and i got a good night's sleep.

Unpacking may be the only thing worse than packing. I hate it. I still have boxes lying around my room. And to make things worse, our stuff didnt fit on one truck! The other truck is supposed to arrive today (almost two weeks after the first one) and... it happens to have the majority of my clothing on board. I've been rewearing clothes for the past two weeks, and the little fashionista part of brain is screaming in reworn clothing pain.

I've met people in Raleigh via the internet. No, none of them are pedophiles, i found their names on myspace. Yes, that is probably the dorkiest way to meet people, but it worked quite well.

The problem is... these are probably not the kids I want to be hanging out with. I've been spending my nights bouncing from party to party. Since I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, and I'm more of a mixed drinks kind of girl (man, i'm high maitenance!) the parties pretty much suck. Everyone sits around getting high. At the high school parties, everyone already knows each other so I feel really left out. College parties are a bit more fun. But I'm not a partier. I've done this for a week and I'm already bored out of my mind. I need to find new friends. Ones that have more in their brains than what to wear that evening and what guy to make out with.

I thought I would have liked to be popular... but it isn't nearly as fun as I expected.

gah... i've got to go, this damned lap top is running out of batteries.

but I must say, it is great to be back.

i agree with you completely about the parties nowadays. although it can be fun at times, there must be SOMETHING with more substance for us to waste our lives with. then again, i think you and i are just nerds.

I wouldnt ever try to 'push' making friends fast. Friends happen more naturally I think. Eventually im sure you'll find that little click of people that you feel right with. Until then, just journeys in life.

Glad to see you back. I've been ignoring my blog for a bit. Not on purpose, i've just had other things going on. Time to get it going again before its buried in the blog graveyard.


good to see you back whitney...

I'm sure you'll find some 'real' friends soon. But mix it up I'd say. Do some partying, do some chill out stuff and have a laugh. You'll get there in the end.

I'm not really much of a partier either. Also don't smoke, or do drugs, and don't really drink all that much either. It can be difficult, because it can feel at times that that is the base that university is built on. But hang in there - keep meeting people. Everyone is in the same boat and universities are broad enough that you will find people the same as you :)

And I had my room painted in JANUARY and I still have crap in boxes :P

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