Word Play: Teens will be Teens

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Teens will be Teens

Where to start? The problem with missing a few days of posting, is that I have so much to say, yet I don't want to post a four-page blog. So I either need to condense the series of events that have occurred within the last few days to a few paragraphs, or omit some of these events, which I feel is unfair to my readers (which currently is only... John.)

So we have left psuedo-summer and the real, tangible summer is now in full swing. Wednesday night, in order to celebrate the end of the school year, I went to a bonfire at Joel's house. We spent an exciting evening dancing around the fire, laying on Joel's roof, playing badminton, and basically just having a great time. There was some slight tension between myself and a former friend of mine, but nothing that couldn't be worked out by staying at separate ends of Joel's yard at all times.
After the party was when I started making mistakes.

One of my closest friends, Michelle Mankins, and I decided that we were going to sneak out and meet up around 1:30 AM. Well... we've done this multiple times before, but always when we're spending the night together, which I guess gives us good luck. We got a group of people that would be willing to go and said we'd call each other. Fast forward 2 hours: Michelle calls me and decides against sneaking out on account of her being tired. Of course, I can't settle for that.

I settled in for an IM session with a couple people and after a while, John asked if I'd like to go swinging at the elementary school. Never one to pass up an offer, I agreed. So I threw on some clothes and headed out. Now you always get this exhilarating feeling while sneaking out, but this time I also had a bit of doubt. Too bad I didn't pay attention to that. Well I turned on my car, and left.

about 5 miles down the road, my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen, and one word, HOME, glared at me. My heart immediately fell into my stomach, and I had the urge to throw the phone out the window, but I knew that wouldn't help with anything... so I answered. My father was on the other end.

to make a long story short (too late for that), I immediately went home, my dad said he was very disappointed in me, and that he would decide in the morning what to do with me. Of course, I didn't tell him I was going out to spend time with John, I decided that Michelle was probably a safer bet. Luckily I'm quite the liar when the situation calls for it, and I stuck with my story and my parents will never know otherwise.

I am now grounded until next Tuesday when my family leaves for New York City and I will not be able to hang out with anyone until June 18th.

this means that my time for hanging out with Idahoans before I move to Raleigh is down to a little less than 4 weeks. Ouch.

I figure that while I'm serving my sentence, I'll have some nice time to read, watch movies, and reflect. I watched Walk The Line yesterday and was quite impressed. Today I took a visit to Barnes and Nobles and picked up some summer reading material, so that will be nice.

I've decided that sometime in my adult life I will write an autobiography. In it, I will outline all my little quirky adventures since childhood and it will, of course, become an international best-seller and shoot me into stardom.
I'm glad i'm a perpetually optomistic person. hah.

Oh, you must visit http://www.zachbraff.com for it is amazing and Zach Braff is my hero.

I guess that is about all for today. I'm trying to devise an evil scheme in order to see people. Thus far, I've been able to visit Michelle at work because I convinced my mom to go eat there. Tomorrow is the Eagle Fun Days parade and I'm hoping to "accidently" run into a couple people there and be able to spend some time with them... we'll see, we'll see.

I'm out to... well I guess exercise since I have nothing better to do. This will be a great opportunity to get back in shape. Which I need to do. Badly.

Remember: "No damn man kills me and lives!" <--- words to live by.

I'm so glad to finally see that you have written a blog. Well, when writing the autobiography, bloggin the adventures will surely help eh? I'm sorry that I ruined your life...It is nice though seeing a blog with me in it; Perhaps I should ruin your life more, and more often. Just playin. I'll be at EFD will Joel, a friend, I now have a blog idea. Whateva, sorry for everything oh, and speaking of getting in shape football conditioning starts monday, so be thinking of me from 8-10 AM. I cant wait til im there, like THERE, comprehend?

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