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John referred me to a scientology website last night. It is, perhaps, the most ridiculous belief system I have ever encountered.

Now I'm sure it is a bit over dramatized, but I looked it up and the most prominent Scientologists DO believe in Xenu and Thetons.
Really? How can 55,000 Americans and countless others believe the religious teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer who created the church in 1952?

Another funny little quote I came across on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientology:

For instance, Hubbard's 1958 book Have You Lived Before This Life documents past lives described by individual Scientologists during auditing sessions. These included memories of being "deceived into a love affair with a robot decked out as a beautiful red-haired girl", being run over by a Martian bishop driving a steamroller, being transformed into an intergalactic walrus that perished after falling out of a flying saucer, and being "a very happy being who strayed to the planet Nostra 23,064,000,000 years ago".

I believe our friend Mr. Hubbard was a little off his rocker. But... I am wondering if I could enter the world of scientology claiming I was the red-haired robot and create a name for myself amongst the many famous stars who believe in Scientology.

Just to keep this fair, wikipedia also stated:

Scientologists argue that published accounts of the Xenu story and other colorful teachings are presented out of context for the purpose of ridiculing their religion. Journalists and critics of Scientology counter that Xenu is part of a much wider Scientology belief in past lives on other planets, some of which has been public knowledge for decades.

So here is our question of the day:
Which system of belief do you find most ridiculous... and which do you find most accurate?

Interesting stuff. Very interesting.


P.S. go see Nacho Libre, pointless yet very entertaining.

P.P.S. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are Scientologists and tried to uphold the teachings by having a silent birth.
I'm sorry... but when I have a child, it certainly will not be silent.

i remember hearing at work that hubbard was an established science fiction writer and he made a bet with someone that he could fabricate a science fiction story and turn it into a religion. haha not sure if this is true, but it kinda makes you think huh? awesome blog by the way, i love the way it looks! =D

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Just from what i know of Scientology, it is a pretty goofy belief system. Any religion or belief system has its good points and its bad points, or its ideals that can make you a better person, or ideals that can make you a nut. Also lots of little offspring groups from the main 'cult' can always twist things even further in certain directions.
The Mormon religion is alot like that. There are the basic beliefs that are reasonable for most 'God-fearing' people to agree with. But then there are sects of the religion that are so twisted, even the devil would turn over in his grave, LOL.

Me, I just believe the basic stuff. You know, we were all brought here from planet Zugamunga, and we are waiting for our ancestors to return and take us back on special ships that operate on solar power. HAHAHA!!

Good Post...See ya!!!

If everything I have heard about it is true Scientology is by far the most ridiculous religion I have ever heard of. Sorry to any people who believe in it but I just can't.

The first time I heard detailed information about Scientology was from a South Park episode: http://www.tv.com/south-park/trapped-in-the-closet/episode/569835/summary.html

When the show talked about Scientology I thought a lot of it was made up for the jokes. I was amazed to find out later that most of it was really what Scientologists believe.

There is a Scientology building in Amsterdam which I pass when walking home from work. It was funny to see the E-Meters in their window as I passed by after seeing them in South Park.

Anyway, I guess the sort version of what I am trying to say is: I don't understand how people can believe in it.

hi whitney,

I once mistakenly reached at scientology office in delhi because a friend asked me to come there but after reaching there & spending around 1 hour, i felt that they are making religion a part of mind. Something which stays in mind as a scientific knowledge & they call those who have reached the final stage a 'clear' which really made me laugh. That this person is have a clear mind like they mentioned Tom Cruise. I even find tom cruise a childish guy, i don't care about his making lot of money by saving planet from aliens etc.

And a true religion is always beyond mind.

It can't be put into theories like these stupid scientologists do.

Only meditation can help us in finding a blissful center within. The peace, the orgasmic joy...that is the real thing.

Cheers, Rohit

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