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So summer hasn't officially arrived yet, but it is so close that I can't help but slip into my summer habits, i.e. staying up late, staying out late any night of the week, refusing to eat a meal at home, swimming, pretending to tan (oh the joys of being a red head)... the list goes on.

School is still in, but with these ridiculously short days, we are stuck in a psuedo-summer trap. We go out, have fun, and forget that we have to take tests worth 10% of our grades the following morning. Oh well, I am far past the point of caring. At all.

Monday, I went to the mall with John, but you can only wander through Boise's one mall for so long. After that I suggested going to Pearl, a ghost town about 30 minutes outside of Boise. We hopped in the car and headed in what I hoped was the general direction. We made it to Pearl Road... but after about 30 minutes of driving on the bumpy dirt road, we realized that we probably took a wrong turn somewhere. We backtracked and took a series of other paths. We had a bird sighting.... not just any bird, a monster bird that could feed an army. So.. of course, since we are so very intelligent, we got out of the car and ran after it. Gigantic birds are faster than John and I... so we didn't win that war. After about another hour of driving, we stopped the car, climbed a hill, and John promptly fell DOWN the hill. It was cute. really. haha.
Eventually we made it home, and on Thursday we are going on an all-day trek to the ghost-town of Yellowjacket. Even if we don't make it (hopefully we will) I think we'll have another grand adventure.

Today, I went to a vegetarian hippie's house for lunch and watched a musical. Hmm.. that was different. Fun, none-the-less. She did give me a magnet from her fridge which makes me smile. It is a picture of Bush, under which it says "Say it with me, People, Nu-Cue-Lar." Aren't you glad our country is run by such a superior mind?

I only had to work (okay.. so not really work, but watch a 7 year old after school) for 15 minutes today. I'm home. I'm never home. I don't know what to do with myself.

Perhaps tomorrow will hold another exciting adventure. We shall see.

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