Word Play: Parties and Paste

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Parties and Paste

Thanks for the many replies I got on the abortion blog. It was interesting to see different perspectives. It is so controversial that I don't believe we will come to a conclusion for years to come. I think one of the main problems is that many people are coming from a scientific standpoint while many others are coming from a biblical standpoint, and there are many occasions in which those two groups don't agree.

I'm down to 16 days left living in Idaho and I've spent the last few days hanging out with friends and eating. That seems like all we've done. Just eat, eat, eat, eat. I'm up to 123 pounds again, which is still pretty skinny on my 5'7" frame... but I'm picky and it isn't what I want. I just need to promise myself that today I will eat healthily and in small amounts. The problem is that it is a lot easier to say that right now when I'm not tempted with a peice of cake.

I'm considering throwing a going-away party but part of me doesn't want to plan it. It seems slightly sad and depressing to throw your own going-away party. Nonetheless, if no one else steps up to the plate, I'll probably end up doing it, simply because I want to see all of my friends one last time and that is the only way I can think of doing it. 16 days isn't a very long time. Really. And we haven't even begun to pack.

So Question of the Day:If you were throwing THE party of the year (aka, a going away party) what would it entail? Be creative! I need you guys!

Here is a slightly disturbing, but hilarious video for you all to enjoy.

Where are you going to?

I remember when I moved to another country. The true realisation of what I was doing didn't hit me until the day I left.

As for the party.. ummmm.. hire a bouncy castle and ball pen so you can have a big out doors party :)

oh wow, where did you get that video:

Moving can be a bittersweet time. You're leaving behind much, but there's also the adventure of new things to discover down the road.

Party? Hmm, I love parties with helium balloons. I do the inhale-squeaky voice thing. That also says a lot for what an idiot I am. :p

Seriously, I always find parties with small numbers of my closest friends are always better than huge numbers of people I don't know too well, but that's just my personal preference.

Well, for me, a party would have to have lots of LOUD MUSIC!!! (exclamation points necessary)
But, thats not for all. Since you are trying to create some memories of your friends, you should get a whole bunch of disposable cameras, let everyone take lots of pictures with them. Then you can develop them when you get to your new home, and have some new pictures of all of your friends. Could be fun.

....and do something fun and goofy. Go Christmas Caroling in your neighborhood. That would be fun and strange. Dont forget the cameras. The pictures would be priceless too. Especially if you all wore some christmas hats.

Is that you in the video? Hey what ever you do at the party just make sure you dont eat...

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