Word Play: Ninja Lessons and a Demonic Media Industry

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Ninja Lessons and a Demonic Media Industry

I'm going to preface this post by telling you that I am sleep deprived, so many of the things I talk about may be:
A. severely confusing
B. Very Strange
C. Unintelligent
D. All of the above

I spent an enjoyable weekend with one of my close friends, Michelle Mankins and we had a series of adventures. Just a quick overview: We walked the greenbelt, ate dinner inside a car turned dinner table at Trailer Park Cuisine, danced at the top of a parking building, had a couple refreshing girl talks, snuck out and went to Walmart at 2 AM, followed that by swinging at the elementary school. Oh wait.. the list goes on. This morning we went out to breakfast, then came back and excercised for a good hour or so and she, being a black belt in martial arts, taught me some sweet ninja skills. It was a pretty great weekend, I must say.

I find it funny how the media influences every aspect of our lives. How we're supposed to act, how we're supposed to feel, how we're supposed to dress, how we're supposed to look... what makes us rely so heavily upon decisions passed down from executives in Hollywood? Every day we are bombarded with images of air brushed models and ads portraying what is "cool". Actresses, formerly doing quite well at a normal weight, seem to have become smaller and smaller each year. These girls are setting the example for society. It is expected that the skinnier you are, the more desirable you are. It is impossible to ignore the signals the media is showering us with. I've fallen into the trap before and ended up in the hospital because of it. These media icons are not role models though they are the epitome of what America truly is. Many people that cannot answer an easy question regarding political offices, such as "Who is our Secretary of State" could easily answer "Who starred in such-and-such movie?" Each decade, we care less and less about the state of our country and more and more about the entertainment industry.

I guess I just am trying to be happy with myself. I don't want these pressures to have the perfect body, flawless skin, perfect hair, straight teeth... the pressures to be like the entertainment icons are weighing down on me. I don't want to feel like I have to "live up" to such a shallow image... yet I do.

Another topic on my mind: Eagle is a naive, stuck-up school with few redeeming qualities. The students fit into just a handful of categories, jerks, bitches, nerds, rich kids (yeah.. most of them), mormons, and of course, everyone is white. There are very few people I would even consider having a relationship any more meaningful than the occasional hello in the hallway. Michelle and I had a lengthy conversation last night over the pettyness of our peers and how there are few people to befriend and even fewer to date. Ideally, I would love to have a no-strings attached relationship for the remainder of my time in Idaho. There would be no pressure, no grand expectations, just a fun summer fling. The downside to this whole idea is that there aren't many guys at Eagle that I would want to have ANYTHING to do with, and I don't know many kids from other schools. So I guess I'm stuck. In the words of Michelle: "Screw that. its your final summer here, have some fun with any random guy, it doesn't matter anymore."
umm... sorry Michelle, but I don't think I'm much like that.

I guess that is about all that the ideas that are running rampant in my mind at the moment. This blog is getting a little too personal a little too fast.


I never knew you ended up in the hospital...Sorry :-/ I really am more empathetic than that but words online dont quite cut it.

Yea...those guys at eagle high. who gives? 8-) jk jk, but you and michelle are both right, just about everyone at grand old EHS including (most) the teachers are lame.


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