Word Play: Manicures are Materialistic

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Manicures are Materialistic

So I got my first manicure yesterday. Simply for the sake of a picture within my blog, I will let you all see:

I think they turned out quite pretty.. although the pictures seem a bit scary mainly because of the spider-like shadows.

Anyways... after I got my nails done, I realized that I am a very high-maitenance sixteen-year-old. I already live FAR beyond my means (I DO pay for the majority of my things) and this spells trouble in later years. If I'm already shelling out hundreds of dollars on designer purses, nails, hair, etc... how am I ever going to pay for college? it is a real threat.

I'm beginning to hate how materialistic I've become, but I don't see how to stop. It is a viscious cycle because, in order to be "in style", you need a lot of money and time yet all of it is worth it when people notice you.

When I look good, I get compliments. Simple as that.

I had two strangers tell me yesterday that I should model.
John can voucher that strangers come up to me and say i'm pretty.

I know this post makes me look really stuck up... but it isn't meant to do that. I'm trying to come to terms with myself. When I write my thoughts down, it makes me pro-active and perhaps I'll be able to change my materialistic ways.

I know I shouldn't rely on other people's opinions of me to feel good about myself, and I don't TOTALLY rely on their opinions.. but it is nice to know that you're pretty. It is nice to know that my work pays off.

I live like young Hollywood, minus the fame. And why? WHY?

I'm not sure I can answer that question at this time in my life, but I'm trying, I really am.

When I move, I have the opportunity to reinvent myself. Who do I want to become?

Well, today is filled with packing for my trip, perhaps a phone call with John? (that was fun last night), a five mile walk, and I need to get my hair trimmed. What an exciting life.


I sure can voucher about those strange stranger compliments, it's the strangest thing (sorry, I had to.) I'm not so deep in this "trap" as you are, but I do only feel content with name brand clothes, and reading your blog made me think...You see, you and I both admit that we're happy, you enjoy compliments and looking incredible, I just like thinking I look incredible, but in the end we're content. See, in your blog you operate under the assumption that basing your happiness off of materialistic things is bad...but you're still happy. You still get compliemtns....So what is it that makes it so bad? Maybe you feel empty, maybe you dont, but what I think fills the two of us in, is that we both realize what we (partially) base our happiness off of.
Think about pre-civilized man. Raoming around town with his pack. It may have been necessary then to be happy, or atleast feel better depending on how much food you may have stored, how many good weapons, or quality weapons that you had. It may have been necessary for survival.
I end this comment, which is almost a blog in itself with: Atleast you realize what's happening to your life, you have more depth than you think and, hell - if it makes you happy, why quit?

I understand the materialism thing. I feel bad about it on occasion, but it is strangely comforting. Let me tell you, it only gets worse as you get older and you become more successful and have more disposable income and therefore can afford more and more and more... LOL

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