Word Play: The Lakehouse and the Future

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The Lakehouse and the Future

I went to see the Lakehouse last night. According to http://rottentomatos.com its freshness rating was only 33%. Now I'm not a movie snob who always believes the critics, but often they're correct.

I actually had an enjoyable evening. The Lakehouse is a huge chick-flick. Romantic, smothered in cheesy moments, that whole deal. I don't think I would have enjoyed it had I not been with my friend Michelle, the biggest romanticist I know.

The movie centered around two people who found out that they lived two years apart. It is never explained why they could communicate regardless of time. that bothered me. Also, they changed moments in history but I believe that if you change one moment in your past, your entire future would also change.

On that note, I was sitting at a stoplight the other day and a thought crossed my mind. What if I chose to go left instead of right? Would I come across a different series of events? Each tiny decision we make determines our future and who we are as individuals. Some people choose the left, while others choose the right. Everyday we face the unknown and we could change our life's course just by the choices we make and the situations we end up in.

So Question of the Day:
Is our personality based upon experiences and relationships in our lives or are we predestined, born to have a certain type of personality?

I'm off to go boating! Oh the joys of summer!


You are very mature. I like your intelligent posts.

Cheers, Rohit

I know my choice to move to Holland rather then taking the easy choice of looking for a job in England changed my personality a lot for the better. I used to be very quite but the change gave me the confidance boost I needed.

The movie you saw sounds a little like the book 'The Time Travlers Wife'

If I click on your comment link and type something, instead of doing this report sitting in front of me at work, will my life change? If it leads to me getting fired, I guess so.

It was worth it. :p

Enjoy the boating.

I do think we can influence or own personality traits by the decisions that we make everyday. But it would be very long process I think. At least it would be to actually engrave the changes into our lifestyles.

I think that all events in your life build upon your personality. If you are a bitter horid rotten person then it's probably attributable to an event in your life when you were attacked by what you thought were scarecrows in a field... or something like that.

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