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James Dean Lived Here

We have good news! I have the opportunity to continue to update my blog while I'm in New York due to excellent internet access in my hotel room.

As the plane was landing in New York last night, I looked out the window and endless lights stretched out before me. As I was sitting there, on sensory overload because of the many lights, I began to think about the many people who live in each of those lit up apartments. Its an odd thing to know that as you sit safe and sound, there is probably, somewhere in this huge city of millions, someone being born, someone being raped, someone being murdered. Someone is having the best day of thier life and someone is dying on the streets... all while I'm just sitting here. Mothers, brothers, fathers, friends, the city holds so many people, each with a different story. It is mindblowing, really.

My hotel room has so much history. James Dean, THE James Dean, lived in my room from 1950 to 1953. I'm surrounded by pictures of his life, the original teen angst story. The rebel without a cause. Did you know that he got more fan mail in the three months after his death than any living celebrity has ever gotten? I look out the window to the bustling street eight stories down and I know that fifty years ago, he stood in this same spot. What a place.

Well I have to go get ready for the day. Please leave some comments, I really appreciate them (they make me feel special)

A cartoon to end the blog:

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P.S. John, I may not be able to mention you every post, seeing as there is just so much to say about New York, but know that though you may not be in my blogs..... you aren't forgotten. haha. cheesy.

I used to think that ALL the time in LA. I guess amazing people like us can't help but think the same when in big cities...
New York is not endless light.
LA is endless light.

And well, you may not be mentioned in my blogs while you are gone but now this.

Although you may be forgotten in my blogs, you will never - never be forgotten in my heart.

My cheesey beats your cheesey...heezee fa-she-zee

PS> Ouch! I'm hurting

I know what you mean. So many people, and so many stories behind each person. Sometimes while im talking to people at work, complete strangers usually, I start thinking to myself, what kind of stuff has this person experienced in there life? Good things? Bad things? Its just one of those things that just makes you start thinking about life and all of its possibilities. Good and bad.

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