Word Play: Heavenly Salad

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Heavenly Salad

I usually don't post twice in the same day... but I think ya'll will survive.

I've become obsessed with a salad.
That could have been one of the strangest sentences I've ever written.

This obsession started exactly a year ago today. I went to the Lord & Taylor in New York City and purchased the Waldorf Salad. Thus began the love affair. I was unable to return to Lord & Taylor during that trip, so I made it my mission to go this time and get the recipe.

So the cafe is basically a little hole in the wall, terribly decorated, but with excellent food. I went there my first full day during this trip to New York and once more ate the salad from heaven. I asked the waitress for the recipe, she went and asked the cook.... and they refused to give it to me.


so Saturday afternoon, I returned to Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue and once more ordered the Waldorf. I made a mental note of each ingredient included: apples, turkey, mayonnaise, craisins, raisins, lettuce, mango sauce. Okay.. we know the ingredients... so how much of each?

I'm determined to make this salad tonight. I'm going grocery shopping in a few minutes and this salad WILL be good. I'm determined. Do you know how sad it is that I have just written an entire post over a salad? its worth it. I swear it is.
I could live off of it.
I already live off of salad... but this salad, this salad is meant for the gods.
yeah... i'm a health-nut loser. In a nutshell.

I'll let you know if it turns out, and produce a recipe so you all can make it and understand what I'm talking about. Because I'm sure at this point, it seems as if I've gone off the deep end of the pool (i.e. crazy)


I got your comment at my blog and I thought I'd say hi at yours. I left my salad recipe for you at LB and I'm going to try the L&T one this week.

Thank's Glory or tea_stained

This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I go to a restaurant and have an awesome meal, then I try to replicate it at home.

Results are usually not worth mentioning. :p

Hi.....Sorry i havent been back to visit. I just realized that I have to okay the comments on my blog, OMG, I feel like an idiot. I thought nobody had visited it. Well, now that I have your link i'll be sure to come back and read some more of yours. Thanks again for coming by.

Well, good luck in recreating the Waldorf! Sounds yummy, and I'll be looking forward to reading about the results!

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