Word Play: Concerts and Balloons

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Concerts and Balloons

I attended a concert full of great indie music the other night... and I have the overwhelming urge to share the musical wealth with you.

First up was Barefoot Backstage, a little local band made up of four teens from my school, Eagle High. Well usually high school bands.. sorry to break it to you... suck. Barefoot Backstage is a breath of fresh air, not filled with teen angst but rather with folksy lyrics in the style of Jack Johnson.

Next in the lineup was Drew Danburry. An amazing man hailing from Utah, he has to be at least 6'5" tall and can dance like no other. View his picture... just over to the left. You just can't beat mountain man beards.

Personally, my favorite performance of the night was Aubrey Debauchery simply because she has a lilting, angelic voice.. but her lyrics. Ha. Probably the most sexual lyrics I've ever heard, and you just don't expect it from her. I talked with her after her performance and she is one of the coolest people I know.

The last performance was Seve vs. Evan, synthesizer electronica heaven. It isn't quite as fun to listen to at home as at the concert just because at home you can't dance like you can at a concert. We danced throughout their entire set.. probably nearing forty-five minutes of jumping up and down (barefoot, of course, because its so much more fun). My body actually hurt the next day from our intense dance session.

I spent the night with some kids, but of course sleeping is over-rated. Instead we made chocolate chip pancakes at 2 AM.

This weekend was the Boise Air Balloon Festival... so we decided to go see them launch..... at 6 AM. Did you know you need a lisence to fly an air balloon? I guess that is logical, but I never see companies advertising hot air balloon lessons. There were hundreds of balloons dotting the sky and it was quite breathtaking, though quite early.

Question of the Day:
What was the best concert you've ever attended?

It has been a wonderful weekend but now I must leave you to pursue another adventure. Hope to see comments from all of you!

Looking forward to checking out that music. I will give anything a listen at least once. Ive never heard of any of them, including the guy from Utah. So thanks for all of the links. Music is one of my favorite things, I can spend hours listening to it, so new bands, or at least stuff thats new to me, is always fun to check out.

I havent seem very many concerts, but I can certainly remember seeing KISS. They definitely know how to put on a show.
See ya Whit

I'm glad you had an awesome weekend, too. I'd write more but I'm about ready to go to bed. Yours is the second to last blog I'm commenting on for the nite. :)

Best concert that I have ever scene was a Radiohead concert at Brixton academy in london. I also saw counting crows there a few years back and they nearly took the roof off. You can't beat a good raw indie band.

best concert i ever went to? hm. that's a tough one, i've been to so many. i would have to say the used/my chemical romance/thrice, way back when no one knew of mcr, thrice was my favorite band, and the used was just starting to get big. and it was my favorite for those reasons. there wasn't alot of people there, and it was at an awesome little club.

Few days back i attended World Music Day in delhi, india which was organised by French Embassy. Delhi is hot & humid these days. So, when the program started i was feeling like where the hell am i because i didn't like these noisy western pop songs by few african friends.
After then an indian band came & that was good. Finally, a third band came which had musicians from few countries : africa, france, india etc. & they really made my day....the music was really very soulful and helped me to be in this moment totally which means feeling the orgasmic joy(thanks to years of meditation that it comes easier to me)

And when they were playing their last song & asked people to dance, i stood up & danced a little & it was good but also realized that i should work less in computers & give my body a little time because i was feeling exhausted so early which didn't happen in past when i used to dance a lot madly without feeeling so much exhausted. So, will go soon for meditation or gym. The problem with me is that when something excites me, it becomes my 24 hours obsession & these days my obsession is my website : www.DelhiEvents.com But i need a balance now. ; - )

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