Word Play: CAR CRASH

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So.. I hope everyone's day was quite dandy. Lets see, what happened here? Oh, yes, my car is officially gone forever. forever.

I was driving to my friend Susan's house with Montanna in the passenger seat. We were right outside of her house when the truck in front of us stopped. We thought that he was also turning into Susan's driveway but no, that was not his plan. He started reversing and I tried to reverse also, but just not fast enough.

Montanna and I had a little interesting dialogue seconds before the crash:
"He's reversing."
"I don't think he sees us."
"I can't reverse fast enough"
"We're going to crash."
We were very calm about the whole situation.

Luckily it didn't hurt us at all... but the car on the other hand? I can't explain it in words, you can have a look instead:

That third picture is the guy that crashed into us. We were fortunate because he was really nice and funny and agreed to take these highly dramatic pictures with us.

Question of the Day:
Have you been in a wreck? Describe your horror story.

So yes, my last few weeks in Idaho are to be spent without a car.
I'm already going through car withdrawels.


oops! Good that you took it lightly! I see people in delhi roads losing their temper even when they have very minor clash with another driver.

Anyway, are you M... L... in the picture in your profile? ; - )

WoW! Vicious looking. At least it sounds like the situation was about as mellow as it could be. I agree with the last post. From what i've seen, people are pretty angry if you even look at their car funny, LOL. I havent been in any major accidents, but I have had that same reverse thing happen to me. Fortunately, the car was the same size as mine, and it was a very slow moving hit. Left no damage at all.
My wife has been in a wreck that pretty much demolished one of our cars, everyone was okay thank goodness. It wasnt her fault by the way. Some lady was pulling out into the middle lane of a busy road, trying to merge into the traffic, and I guess she forgot the 'merging' part. Smashed the whole side of the car in.

Glad your okay.

The last accident I had was on a lonely stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere at 10:30 at night. I was on my way home (to a tiny little town in the outback) from my grandmother's funeral, it was an eleven hour drive, and a kangaroo decided to cross the road in front of me while I was doing 130km/h.

The front of my car got mashed and I assume the 'roo ended up in worse shape. I never saw it, or my bumper bar again as they were lost in the darkness.

Maybe someone was watching over me because I drove the car 50km to the nearest town and as I reached it, the radiator burst open and the car stopped altogether.

The last acciedent i had was on the highway between Munich and Garmisch (thats in Germany). It was a rainy Night and my Speed was a little to high (Around 170 km/h).
I drived over a bump and my car has begun to slide. Hm, I thing im sliding 10-times, the only ive seen was the Trees and the Guardrail. I know that i thing "Whats come first, the trees or the guardrail?"
Finally i crashed into the Crashbarrier with arround 120 km/h. My Car (an old BMW 320i) was totaly wrecked. Fortunatelly i was unhurt. Yes thats my story.

Greetz from Germany

Whitney thank goodness you are ok.

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