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The Beginning

Directed to this website by John Sosoka, I've decided that it is time I begin my own blogging journey. I've been a long time fan of Zach Braff's blog.. as well as a handful of others but I've never taken the time to sit down and write my own.

Summer is exactly three school days away and perhaps this is the perfect time for me to begin writing down my perspective of the world. I can't promise that my blogs will always be enlightening or humorous, though hopefully they will be at times, I will simply be putting my thoughts to paper. More accurately, I will be putting my thoughts to computer because technically speaking, I will not be writing anything down on paper while composing a blog.

This morning we had a moving sale. In July my family is packing up and moving to the other side of the country from Boise, Idaho to Raleigh, North Carolina. As I sat out in my driveway, watching people come and go, taking my own personal items away with them, I realized that I may be getting myself in over my head.

Earlier this year my parents had talked about moving and even put the house on the market, but we all agreed that if the house didn't sell by June, we would just stay in Idaho. This spring, I had my first taste of bitter high school drama, and I didn't enjoy it a bit. The majority of my friends turned their backs on me and I was left alone. I fell into a depression and my parents decided that we should go ahead and move. So I guess, in a sense, I am the reason we are moving. I was excited. I wanted to leave immediately. I don't think I realized at the time that i am also leaving everything and everyone I ever knew. I've lived here since I was four... I don't remember life outside of Idaho.

I'm jumping into a new world. New culture, new people, new styles, new school.. new everything. I'm not sure I'm ready to now. But I guess I will go and make the most of it. Hopefully it will be an improvement upon my life here... even though I'm finally starting to get things back in order.

I think it is funny how the majority of teenagers, myself often included, tend to think they are more important and grown up than they really are. I know I'm still growing emotionally, mentally... I know I have flaws. What gives teenagers the idea that they are invincible?

So, in closing, I hope I will have the resolve to write in this blog often. Hopefully you, my large and adoring fan base, hah, will tune in frequently.

Peace, love, and hairspray

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