Word Play: Abortion

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Perhaps the issue currently discussed and argued in America that bothers me most is that of abortion. I know it is a touchy subject, but what are blogs for if I'm not allowed to share my opinion here?

The two sides of the debate, Pro-life and Pro-choice, are affecting American politics and testing American morals and ethics. If we take away the right for women to choose, we are taking away their freedom. America is the land of the free... if they can take away our choice in this matter, what is next?

South Dakota has taken the lead in the pro-life stance by banning abortion in all cases. The Washington post reports that:

"The measure, which passed the state Senate 23 to 12, makes it a felony for doctors to perform any abortion, except to save the life of a pregnant woman. The proposal still must be signed by Gov. Mike Rounds (R), who opposes abortion.

The bill was designed to challenge the Supreme Court's ruling in Roe vs. Wade, which in 1973 recognized a right of women to terminate pregnancies. Its sponsors want to force a reexamination of the ruling by the court, which now includes two justices appointed by President Bush."

With a TOTAL ban on abortion, women who were raped would have to have the child, according to the law.

If abortion is illegalized in our nation, there are loopholes, but many of them are unsafe. Women will once more resort to "back-alley abortions" which will have no health or sanitary standards and may result in unnecessary deaths. According to Wikipedia: "the World Health Organization estimates that 19 million unsafe abortions occur around the world annually and that 68,000 of these result in the death of the woman."

I want to point out that I do not think that abortions should be taken lightly. Abortion is NOT a form of birth control. Nor do I believe in late-term abortions.

Women have the right to choose whether or not they are ready and willing to care for a child.
Does our Republican President and his board have the power to take away our rights? Luckily, not many people are behind President Bush at this moment.

This post was meant to be much longer, and I might add to it when I have the chance, but for now I must leave.

Question of the Day:
What is your stance on abortion? Please back it up if necessary.


If a governments primary role is to ensure the safety of it's citizens, then it would without a doubt take a pro-choice stance.

Steven Levitt in his book Freakanomics managed to (with evidence) show how legalized abortions cause a decrease in national crime. The primary reason being, that there would be less births in impoverished areas, and ultimately less of a chance of raising criminals.

I believe in the freedom to choose. There are so many reasons why it's necessary to terminate an unwanted pregnancy; living situations, rape, lack of money.

Looking at the ethical side of things, pro-life advocates argue that it's wrong to take a human life. If a fetus in the early stages of development cannot think or feel, does that make it a human, or just a bunch of human cells? The latter, as far as I am concerned, which is why I question the validity of that argument.

Pro-choice for me.

There is an entire life forming inside the womb. The woman does have a right; she has a right to conceive.

However once she has conceived, then it is now a separate life. The woman then has the right to parent the child or place it for adoption. She should not be given the right to kill it.

If abortion is not wrong, if the baby inside of a woman is not a baby why does a woman who has had an abortion grieve afterwards.

She is grieving for the loss of life, the baby that she aborted. Abortion not only harms the human being inside of the woman but the woman herself.

Why can society not help a woman through this difficult time by giving her alternatives for the life she is carrying inside of her?

Why is it ok for our Government to pass a law that determines life is worthless?

The fetus is human and if not aborted will grow to be a fully functioning adult if given the right to life. How immortal society has become. People are the only ones who kill their young while still unborn.

That human being inside of a woman who can not speak for themselves has a right to be born. No one has a right to kill a human being, so why are we allowing the killing of a human being who is developing with potential.

It is unmoral to kill another human being to spare yourself of an inconvenience brought on by your own actions. Because the fetus is human, if left to live, it will result in the birth of a human baby.

Where does the mother get the right to kill the human within her? Abortion puts the Woman's personal interests and comfort above the value of life of the human being inside of her.

1.Murder: unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being

2. embryo.: developing human organism from 4 days after fertilization to the end of the eight week.

3.Fetus Unborn baby; from about seven to eight weeks of development until birth. Prior to that time considered an embryo.

4.Killing To deprive of life

5.Murder: The unlawful killing of one human by another

Therefore killing a fetus is murder. The baby is a growing, living human right from the earliest stage. From the moment of conception. What does the bible say? The Bible clearly identifies the unborn baby as a living, human being.

Choose life for abortion stops a beating heart.

Panda- It is unmoral for a woman to kill another human being to spare herself of an inconvenience brought on by her own actions.

Would a woman kill her two year old on account of a lack of money and living situations?

I understand your point of view Rose. I don't think anyone in this argument are advocates of killing a human being. This is what most of the debate centres around: when is the embryo a human being?

If I took some cells from my liver, placed it in a petrie dish and applied a reproductive mechanism to it, causing the cells to multiply, you'd eventually get a human being i.e. a clone. (And I realise this is not possible - yet, it's merely an example) The same thing happens in pregnancy. A bunch of human cells reproduce and eventually the product is a human being.

If someone smashed that petrie dish containing liver cells with a hammer, would it be murder? No. Why? Because it's just a bunch of human cells.

My viewpoint comes from a scientific stance, and yours comes from the Bible, which is why we can never agree on this I suppose.

Abortions are a part of society now, that is the reality of it. If you try to take it away, then you will get abortions in other ways, those more unhealthy and unsanitary ways. Its a choice for the woman to make completely. That right shouldn't be taken away. There are too many reasons that an abortion would be a reasonable choice, and in my opinion, not enough reasons to outlaw it completely.

I'm with Bonestorm on this one. That's why there is normally a cut off date for an abortion to take place. At what point do you accept that you have contributed to the death of a human being?

Is the morning after pill a form of abortion?

If a women conceives without knowledge and then takes part in, let's say, a gruelling triathlon that effectively aborts the pregnancy then does that make her a killer?

I also agree with Skept1c. The world IS going more this way. We WILL have designer babies. People WILL be enhanced genetically and people WILL live longer. I don't accept that this is the right way but it is fact. There is a time and a place for an abortion in the world that we live in. Banning it outright is not logical.

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